Pureflex Mattresses in Yorkshire

Introducing the latest Pureflex range. Foam mattresses, sprung mattresses, pillows and toppers. Advanced comfort products designed for healthy sleep. Manufactured in the UK by AJ Foam Ltd.

Pureflex products incorporate Visco Elastic Slow Release Foam commonly known as Memory Foam.

Mattress Toppers

Memory foam was first developed by NASA engineers during the Apollo space program to provide astronauts with protection arm pressure relief from the immense G-Forces experienced in spacecraft on lift-off and re-entry.

This space age technology has now found its way in to our homes, hospitals end care homes to bring a new level of comfort and changing the way we sleep forever.


This material, unlike any other, moulds to your body's unique shape and distributes support evenly giving a sensation that h s been described as like 'floating on air'. Not only do you get the most comfortable night's sleep ever but visco elastic foam also provides important health benefits by helping and prevent back pain, aching joints and circulatory problems.

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Here at A J Foam Ltd, we care about the environment, and our range includes the latest generation of advanced foam innovations which have been developed for exceptional comfort and with a reduced carbon footprint to meet the growing consumer demand for more sustainable environmentally responsible products. You can be assured that all Pureflex products we sell are made from the very best quality British manufactured foam and fully comply with all the latest UK and EU flammability regulations. Call us today for more details.

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